Innovation in Immunology

How does our DC based technology activate your immune response?
Coimmune’s CAR-CIK immunotherapy platform distinguishes itself in three key ways from other CAR-T approaches.
Soluble CD83
CoImmune is looking to develop soluble CD83 to treat transplantation rejection and autoimmune disorders.

Combination Therapy for Immuno-oncology

CoImmune is a cell therapy company designed to leverage your own immune system to fight disease. Our flagship program relies on the manufacturing of patient specific dendritic cells to treat their disease. Dendritic cells are like tiny sentinels – patrolling the body seeking out tumors and infected cells warning the immune system of oncoming disease. Given our strong safety profile of treating cancer and HIV patients with our DC based therapy, CoImmune is in a unique position to combine with other immuno-oncology agents to act in synergy to fight cancer and disease.